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Why Choose Us

      • Our programs focus on the cause, and not just the symptom.
      • We are results driven!
      • We offer highly individualized programs to fit your needs. No “cookie-cutter” approaches here!
      • Affordable, holistic healthcare for the entire family.
      • Warm, spa-like feel with care from the heart.

What Client’s Say

My son is making great progress! After being desensitized to mold, I have been able to incorporate rice in limited amounts and quinoa back into his diet. For Valentine’s Day, I didn’t want him to feel left out of the festivities at school. I prepared him gluten and dairy free Amy’s pizza and a quinoa cake. He was able to eat pizza alongside his classmates, without any bad reactions! Thanks again, Dr. Ridgeway and the team! You all rock! M.M.
I came to see Dr. Ridgeway 3 weeks ago with an earache and pain pretty much on the right side of my body and my head. I was extremely depressed. Crying episodes almost every other day were unavoidable and unexplainable. My energy level was way down even after 9-10 hours of sleep or more. I lacked zeal for life and I was desperate for change. Today, just 3 short weeks later, I’ve been consistently taking all supplements prescribed and changed my diet. I’ve made all my appointments, started exercising, and I feel like a million bucks!
I’ve noticed my energy level increase. I feel alive for the first time in a very, very long time. I’m sharing the joy with my loved ones. I’m no longer a zombie!
I was in pretty bad shape. Before I came to see Dr. JeNeen, I had tingling, joint pain, recurrent sore throat, and was constantly sick. I didn’t know where to turn. I had been to MDs and other naturopaths, and I wasn’t getting any better. I saw results immediately! I continue to see results every week. I’m able to be more active than I was, and my quality of life has improved immensely. I can’t recommend Dr. JeNeen enough!

The National Center for Health Research published a study, “Children and cell phones: is phone radiation risky for kids?”

Every day the human body is exposed to Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) emitting devices such as cell phones, microwaves, computers, gaming consoles, radios, and a vast amount of other electronic devices.  As technology rapidly evolves, so are the levels of EMF we’re being exposed to.  Dr. JeNeen believes that this toxin is one of the worst possible stressors on the body, so we take steps to proactively mitigate the potential damage caused to our bodies and our children.  Ask us about our EMF Cell Phone Chips and Insoles that are designed to aid the body in fighting off the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation.

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To lead the way, with integrity and love, in providing holistic healthcare services, encompassing clinical nutrition, chiropractic, naturopathy, and high quality products for your healthy lifestyle.

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