Better Health Solutions Program

Better Choices for Better Health…
Our Better Health Solutions Program recognizes the following principles:

1. Each of us are born with the ability for our body to heal itself.
2. Healing will naturally take place unless there are interferences or stressors that slow or prevent the process.
3. Disease is a perfectly mapped out response of the body attempting to adapt for survival in the face of malnourishment and stress.
In traditional or allopathic medicine, there are two principle parts: The diagnosis and the treatment. There is usually a defining line whereby a person is classified as either well or sick. The latter is proclaimed if there is a specific symptom or medical test that comes back positive or out of the “normal” range. The illness is named, or diagnosed, and the standard treatment for that particular diagnosis is prescribed. In most cases, this involves drugs, surgery, or both. With Nutrition Response Testing and a naturopathic model, we do not diagnose or treat disease. Instead, we seek to look at the large grey area between wellness and illness, and determine the things that may be pulling you away from your best health.

Our goal is to find and remove the stressors from the body. We are considering the cause, and not simply the effect. We pinpoint the underlying dysfunction, supply the missing nutrients, and simply allow the body to repair itself. As part of the analysis, we combine objective data gathered from a quantitative assessment of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), perform specific reflex testing using acupressure points, and order functional lab tests, when needed. The ANS measurement is based on real-time heart rate variability analysis. This non-invasive, computer software was first used by the Russians in order to help predict Olympic athletes well before their competition years. It was then utilized extensively in the U.S. Navy in order to predict health and fitness conditions. Today, it’s used as a predictor of health & performance and a measurement of change.
The body has the ability to heal itself when we dampen the stress and give the correct nutrients, or “genuine replacement parts.” For this cause, we use only the finest whole food supplements, homeopathy, and herbal preparations. Whole bodies need whole foods. Deficiency and dysfunction occur due to a lack of nutrients in our food supply, personal eating habits and/or improper assimilation by the body. We are also being constantly exposed to an increasingly toxic world. Each person is different, and therefore requires a different program in order to fully heal. By testing each individual for their specific, customized nutrition and health improvement program, we are able to get great results with even the most stubborn health concerns!

The Most Common Health Stressors…



Food sensivtivites


Immune Challenges



Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF)

Expert advice for a healthy lifestyle!

“Before seeing Dr. JeNeen, I had no energy, constant stomach cramps that were not PMS related, and I also had diarrhea almost every day. Honestly, I was feeling miserable, losing weight, and growing increasingly weak. It was affecting my school/work life and was very limiting. Now, I am gaining back my energy. I have relatively no stomach pain (unless I wait too long to eat). My appetite has increased to a normal level and I now have 1-2 normal bowel movements every day. I am now gaining healthy weight and I feel a lot better. “
“Before my health improvement program with Dr. JeNeen, I could not sleep through the night. I was constantly waking up and could not go back to sleep. I was only sleeping about 4-5 hours a night. Now, I am much better. I only wake up once a night and I am able to go back to sleep quickly. Now I’m sleeping6-7hours per night and sometimes even 8 hours.”
“I went to see Dr. JeNeen Ridgeway for a severe outbreak of Poison Ivy. She did a desensitizing session on me and shortly after I left the office I started to notice that the redness and itchiness were starting to diminish. The next day I noticed I was hardly itchy at all and all the patches that were all over my body were getting a lot smaller. Within a few days, I was all better.”
I felt like I was dying alive; taking a whole lot of supplements to push myself up, but then coming back down. I went to my Gynecologist for lots of blood tests and the only thing that was low was my vitamin D. I knew there had to be more. Since coming to see Dr. Ridgeway, I have regular bowel movements, energy level is high, and I feel 100{eaeef3cf22cd18ea0412c5e03cc2f04c10d93a62ae73bc34b61ce8a3b3507fb8} more alive, than dead. No bloating, not tired, and getting better sleep…
“I brought my 4 year old son to see Dr. Ridgeway because he was having severe stomach pain and was feeling extremely nauseous nearly every morning. I would spend hours holding him as we would wait for the pain and feeling of sickness to pass. The medical community could offer us nothing other than prescription drugs & extensive testing to guess the problem. Dr. Ridgeway identified a virus and food sensitivities in my son and we began treatment immediately. After 3 treatments, my son has had NO stomach pain! He has not felt like vomiting! He is back to his busy, talkative self, and he is able to continue the activities he loves like church and karate. I wish every parent could be aware that there are alternatives to medication and operations. God used Dr. Ridgeway to give my son his health back. She is an answered prayer.”